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Full Page Login Ads
A captured audience sees your website before they get to the members area. There is no bypass for this ad. 20 Second Guaranteed Views!

PTC Text Ads
We pay our members to click on your Paid To Click Text Link. Cheat Proof!

Solo Ads
We offer both Cash Solo Ads and Solo Ads. Our Cash Solo Ads pay cash and points to our members and high points for solo ad clicks. We also have SoloNow Cash Ad, for that ad that just has to go out now! Very Responsive.

Solo Footer Ads
Our Solo Footer ads offer our members points for viewing your Solo Footer ad.

More Advertising
We also offer Login Ads, Banner & Button Ads, Hot Links, 7 day Top & Bottom Navigation Links. Plus text and html ads are free for all members.

This is a very cool upgrade. Just like the bonus clicks received for clicking on certain ads, our Surf Scripts allows our surfers to win other ads, including huge ad packages!!

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100,000 Points
100 Surf Credits
3 Solo Ads
3 Banners
3 Buttons
3 Traffic Links
3 Hots Links

Commissions are paid on personal referrals for 1 tier only.
Members are NOT required to make any purchase in order
to receive commission from Personal Referral Purchases.

Use Gmail Only - All Others Will Be Deleted!
Any Type of Auto-Responder means Automatic Deletions & Banned IP
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